Monthly Archives:February 2023

Dear customers:

Today as of 02.26.2023, due to constant pressure from WhatsApp to our Foreign WhatsApp numbers, (Mexico-USA, from where we offer Customer Service), the last number 00527222061786 (Date 02.24.2023), and the number 0031, have been blocked, the company CMM/Amayim has decided to change the date (approximately 1.3.2023), WhatsApp to a local Spanish number, and focus contact through Telegram and Email, we will try to inform all our clients through Skype-SMS, sending the new number to everyone, for greater ease, to our clients in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany and the rest of Europe.

We are sorry for all the problems caused which are beyond our control, and because of WhatsApp, we have delays in orders, shipments, payments, and contact,

We hope to have this solution fixed as soon as possible,
Thank you so much
CMM-Amayim Team